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hyaluronic acid

Sodium Hyaluronate
Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in the way our skin looks, feels and functions. It occurs naturally in our skin but like many things, levels diminish with age and our skin becomes dehydrated and the collagen and elastin fibres lose their structure which lead to a loss of plumpness often associated with younger skin.

Hyaluronic acid retains water like a sponge and its role in natural skincare is to hydrate, lubricate and plump up our skin – decreasing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and keeping skin hydrated. Plump skin often looks younger so it’s no wonder that the beauty media often refer to hyaluronic acid as the “fountain of youth” 

Good for…
Plumping and hydrating our skin - and can be found in Angela's natural moisturisers thirsty work & balancing act.

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