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natural products for dull and lack-lustre skin

natural products for dull and lack-lustre skin

Skin that is dull, lack-lustre & lacking in radiance & vitality can make even young skin look older than it is. Skin that looks healthy always has a radiance, luminosity and brightness to it. Dull skin can be caused by a number of factors including lack of dehydration leading to parched and flaky skin; a decline in the rate at which healthy new skin cells renew themselves, resulting in dead dull skin lying on the surface of your skin.

A lack of skin nourishment or an underlying illness can also result in a dull complexion. Restoring radiance and increasing luminosity starts with a good cleansing regime (such as clean sweep), incorporates regular exfoliation (using scrub up), includes products to hydrate your skin (bloom & glow) and finally involves massaging in radiance restoring products to nourish & heal.

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