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natural products for visible pores

Visible Pores - we all have them but some people’s are more visible than others. The size of our pores is partly genetic but there are other factors that can affect pore size and the appearance of our pores.

If pores are blocked, it can stretch them out making them more noticeable. Sun damage does not just cause fine lines, wrinkles and darkening of the skin; it can also make our pores look bigger.

To reduce the appearance of pores, keep them clear by avoiding heavy pore clogging ingredients including mineral oils and petroleum and make sure you always cleanse your face before bed (and also after a vigorous work-out). Our natural cleanser clean sweep is the perfect recipe for this.

Using a cleanser that contains jojoba is great as dirt binds with it, helping to keep pores clear. Also ensure you regularly exfoliate as this removes pore-clogging dead skin.

Look for ingredients that contain pore perfecting salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), retinol palmitate, fruit enzymes and astringent ingredients including rose, cypress, witch hazel and juniper.

Below are some perfect natural products for visible pores

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