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natural products for congested skin

Congested skin, spots & acne is not just the bain of teenage life; it can affect us throughout our adulthood. Whether you have blackheads and blocked pores, are prone to the odd breakout or have very congested skin and acne; a gentle approach is key.

As with so many different skin conditions and skin types, treatment and natural products for congested skin and acne is about rebalancing our skin’s natural harmony. Look for products such as Angela's natural serum perfect pores; that leave your skin clear and calm but without stripping it of its natural oils – as this can just exasperate the problem.

Make sure you cleanse and never, ever go to bed without cleansing. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells that can block our pores and an astringent tonic can tone your skin. Use a light weight moisturiser or a natural face oil – yes we did say face OIL – providing you use balancing oils, these can really help to restore your skin’s natural balance.