Happy New Year, thank you and sorry

Published : 12/01/2024 - Categories : Angelas skincare advice , Your Skincare Stories

Happy New Year from Angela Langford Skincare

As the first cold snap of 2024 blankets the UK, I wanted to reach out and offer you the warmest of wishes for a bright and healthy New Year. 


The festive season felt a little less merry than usual, and as a result it may have been reflected in the service I gave to you, my lovely customers. 


So I just wanted to take a moment to explain why and to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support. 


Shortly before Christmas, Lee, my partner in life and the co-founder of Angela Langford, faced the sudden and profound loss of his dearest Mum. It was entirely unexpected and out of the blue; and the impact this has had on Lee has been immense. 


Lee rushed up to Warwick from Pembrokeshire to be with his Mum in hospital whilst I stayed at Langford HQ to look after our beloved dog, Chiqui and the business as best I could. This happened right in the middle of our Black Friday sale - usually the busiest time of the year for many more small businesses like us, that rely on this time of year to keep afloat. 


So for the first time, I took on all the responsibilities Lee usually looks after so efficiently.

As a result, I feel like I may have not have given you the best service that I try to always give and for that, I am truly sorry: Orders took a little longer to reach you; responses to your enquiries might have been delayed (or even completely missed) - and I absolutely cannot wrap my organic skincare anywhere near as beautifully as Lee can!


But muddle through I did, whilst Lee was by his Mum's side hoping for a miracle that never came. 


I had the company of our adored and last living dog, Chiqui - who by this time was very old, but was still enjoying his life of fireside sleeps, home cooked food and regular cuddles! 


To our dismay, Chiqui also died - a few days before Lyn’s funeral and just before Christmas - and our home has never felt so empty or been so quiet. 


So the usual joyful spirit of the season was understandably subdued by grief but Lee and I wanted to explain what has happened and to apologise for the radio silence.  


We strive to offer you the absolute best possible experience but I know I have not provided this to you recently. Please know that behind the scenes, we were navigating a storm of sadness, all the while trying to ensure the smooth running of things while supporting Lee through his deeply personal and sad journey.

But amidst the darkness, your patience, understanding and kind messages were like little rays of sunshine piercing through the clouds. Each gentle enquiry, every supportive email sent directly to Lee, lifted our spirits and kept us moving forward. Your faith in us, in our products, and in the values we hold dear, have fuelled our resolve. 


We want to thank each and every one of you for your support, kindness and your custom. You, our wonderful customers, are not just purchasers of our skincare; you are the very foundation of our community. You are the reason I cultivate my organic skincare recipes with such meticulous care, the reason I handcraft my formulations personally, and the reason I strive to bring a touch of natural radiance to your lives and your skin. 


So, as we turn the page on the calendar and step into this fresh new year, we do so with renewed gratitude and a deep commitment to serving you better than ever before. We're learning from the challenges we faced, trying to streamline our processes, and replenishing our energy with the immense warmth of your understanding. 


In 2024, you can expect the same exceptional quality products, the same unwavering dedication to sourcing and using the best and most potent natural and organic ingredients; and the same passion for healthy, glowing skin.  


This year, we want to focus on the things that truly matter: connection, compassion, and celebrating the simple beauty of life, love and nature. We want to share our journey with you: the triumphs and the challenges; the laughter and the tears - because you're not just customers; we feel like you are our friends and partners in this adventure. If you would like to see any changes – whether it’s more personal touches, more behind the scenes glimpses, more skincare stories of other customers; please let us know.  


From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for your understanding, your support, and your unwavering belief in us. We are blessed to have you on this journey, and we can't wait to see what this sparkling new year holds for us all.

With deepest gratitude and hope for a year filled with fun, love and laughter. 




Angela xxx

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Andrea Vickers

14/01/2024 19:51:38

I’m so sorry to hear of the traumatic time you both have had recently. Sending many condolences & love your way & hoping rays of sunshine begin to filter through as 2024 continues. Radio silence is never a problem as your products speak for themselves…I love them! ????

Helen Fletcher

14/01/2024 19:21:23

Hi Angela, I just wanted to offer you and Lee my deepest condolences, such distressing time for you both. Im also a huge dog lover so know only too well how upsetting losing a beloved pet is. I also had a very tough xmas as my elderly mum had a fall and was in hospital during the festive period. Sending my thoughts and good wishes to you both at this difficult time. Ps Just for the record, I’m sure none of your customers would’ve noticed any lapse in the quality of service, so please don’t worry! x

Ali Scobbie

14/01/2024 16:26:03

Dear Angela and Lee, I am so, so sorry to hear of your losses. What a sad time for you both - it will take a long time to heal. Your words in this blog are wonderful and heartfelt. I love your products, service, ethos and you and will definitely continue to support your wonderful business. Ali xx

Heather Marsham

14/01/2024 16:24:37

I am so very sorry for yours and Lee's loss. What an awful time for you both xx