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make a clean start with a natural cleanser

Published : 29/01/2016 14:54:34
Categories : you and your skin

use a natural cleanser in your skin routine this year

I have written about cleansing many times before – the reason being, it is the most important step in a good skincare routine but the step that many of us overlook – preferring to invest our hard earned cash in natural serums, face oils and creams to nourish, rejuvenate, brighten, restore and repair damage.

But cleansing really is key so why not make a clean start in 2016 and start your skincare cleansing routine today. After all, applying all those lovely products onto skin that hasn’t been properly cleansed is a waste of money. 

So why is cleansing key? Cleansing removes daily dirt, grime, make-up and oil and leaves our skin prepped and ready for all those lovely natural skincare products to help keep our skin in tip top condition. Lack of time, being too tired or just not understanding the importance of cleansing means that sometimes we give our skin a quick once over with a wipe (not an option I recommend) or we just don’t bother at all, going to bed without removing our make-up and without washing away the day’s dirt. 

So we’re agreed – 2016 is the year to take a little time for cleansing - your skin really will thank you for it and so will your wallet because you won’t be wasting your cash on all those other products. Applying natural skincare products to clean skin will make them so much more effective.

So with so many different types of natural cleansers available, how do you decide which one is right for your skin?  Should you use a wash-off gel, an oil, a balm or cleansing wipes?

For me cleansing wipes get the thumbs down and are a skincare NO for me (that should probably be the subject of a separate blog post) but in my opinion they don’t cleanse – they just move the dirt around, they often contain harsh, skin-stripping ingredients and using them around the delicate eye area can drag and pull your skin as you use too much pressure to remove your eye make-up.

Wash-off gels are great for oily or combination skins – they gently cleanse without stripping skin (opt for non-foaming face wash gels that don’t contain sodium lauryl sulphate which can irritate your skin). My sweet cheeks face wash contains a blend of oil and water based ingredients to balance and cleanse.

Cleansing oils are great for dry, combination and normal skins and oil cleansers are great for removing eye make-up, even waterproof mascaras.

Cleansing balms are normally richer and more nourishing – they take more rinsing off than a wash-off cleansing gel and the best cleansing balms are removed with a cleansing cloth (I love muslin cloths and my full size clean sweep comes with a free organic muslin cloth).  Cleansing balms leave your skin looking brighter, radiant and glowing.

Some people like to use a cleansing balm or oil at night and a wash off gel in the morning.  I have normal to combination skin and this is my preferred cleansing routine – using either clean sweep or i can see clearly now at night and sweet cheeks in the shower in the morning.

Whichever type of cleanser you opt for, when time allows, spend a few minutes cleansing your skin; massaging in your cleanser (always use upwards, circular motions) will boost circulation and give your skin a healthy glow. And don’t forget the tip of your nose (often overlooked) as well as your neck and décolletage.

If you’re still not sure which type of cleanser is right for you, get in touch (send me a message on Facebook, email me at or give me call on 01460 929596) and I’ll help you choose the right cleanser for you and your skin.

Happy cleansing!
Angela x

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