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Published : 04/03/2022 - Categories : Your Skincare Stories

kathy's skincare stories with Angela Langford

I spoke to 69 year old Kathy from Cheltenham, who was one of my very first customers! Kathy has been using my natural serum, A Little Lift since I very first started making it. Here is Kathy's Skincare Story...

How long have you been using my products for Kathy and how did you discover them?

It must be about 11 years ago that I started using your range; a friend recommended your natural skincare range to me and I have not looked back since.

Did you have any particular skin conditions or concerns at the time and have any of the products helped to improve things?

My skin was ageing and dry - and I was looking to cut unnecessary chemicals out of my life. The products have certainly helped with the dryness and softness of my skin and my skin’s appearance has improved greatly.

What products do you use and how do you use them – I'd love to hear about your skincare routine!

I cleanse every day, after which I always use A little Lift; followed by a couple of pumps of Thirsty Work (which I sometimes mix with a little of your face oil, Repair & Renew) - and I then always finish my skincare routine with a swoosh of Angel Eyes.

Do you have a particular favourite product?

It is hard to pick out the best skincare product for my face from your range, as they are all lovely - but I absolutely love the smell of your body wash, Spice of Life. I use it when I shower and it always makes me feel fresh and zingy.

Is there anything you would like me to change or anything I can do to improve things?

I can’t think of anything! I don't wear face make-up now, only eye make-up - so your products are the only thing on my skin!

What about a product that you think is missing from my range?

I would like to have a chemical free face sun screen, but maybe that is not possible!

Can you sum up what is it that you love about my skincare, Kathy?

I like to support small British businesses, whose products do not harm animals or the environment. I feel safe that the products are not going to do me any harm, also they smell good and are hand made in small batches. Angela is always on hand to help and advise me too, thank you.


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