Treat Your Skin From the Outside and from Within

Published : 26/01/2022 - Categories : Angelas skincare advice

treating your skin from the outside in by Angela Langford Skincare

I’m a real fan of feeding your skin from the outside and from within. For me the two go hand in hand.  It doesn’t make sense to me that you would spend your hard-earned money on some of the best skincare serums, creams and oils made from wonderful natural and organic ingredients found in nature’s larder; yet your diet many consists of processed, fast food.

Equally I don’t understand people who eat a healthy diet, packed with fresh fruit and vegetables; drink plenty of water and exercise regularly - but who don’t bother cleansing their skin or removing their make-up at the end of the day; and/or are happy to use products containing chemicals and ingredients that can damage our skin. 

It therefore makes sense to me to take care of your skin (and your overall health and mental wellbeing) – by treating it from the outside and from within.

When I re-launched my natural skincare range back in late 2016, I realised that my skincare recipes were naturally rich in ingredients that I also loved to cook with. Whether it was in the oils I used, or the plant and fruit extracts; many of the products found in my lab are also found in my kitchen.

I love to combine my love of food and cooking with my love of natural skincare and this is an area I plan to expand on in 2022. 

During the various lockdowns we have all had to go through, many people re-kindled their love of cooking and others discovered it for the first time. As we have come back out of lock-downs and life has started to return to normal, I want to try and encourage people to keep their love of cooking alive.

I think cooking a meal from scratch – whether it’s a snack, a breakfast, lunch or cooking for friends and family; it not only is good for our health and our skin – it can also be great for our mental well being too.

In 2022 I’m going to share more of my recipes with you for you to re-create in your own homes. Many will contain ingredients with particular skincare benefits that I also use in my organic skincare products (for example the Pineapple in my pineapple pickle that I have recently posted); others will just be things that I love to cook and eat – that are quick, simple, cheap or just simply delicious.

Not everything will be super healthy like the delicious stir-fried anchovy and sesame brocolli I had for lunch today – there will sometimes be cream, cheese, butter and maybe drop of booze! But not always... it’s about balance and it’s about enjoyment too.

If you have any recipes you’d like to share, please post these on my social media pages or email me. Equally if you make any of my recipes, I would love to see your pictures!

So please get in touch. I hope 2022 is one filled with love, happiness, good health, fun and lots of delicious food.

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