hand made organic muslin cloths from Angela Langford Skincare
  • hand made organic muslin cloths from Angela Langford Skincare
  • handmade in Britain, just for you and your skin
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hand made muslin cloths
100% organic cotton

Angela says... "These cloths are your recipe to gently exfoliate your skin whilst leaving your face beautifully clean"

The muslin cloths are 100% organic and are gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive of skins - ideal when using a natural cleansing balm.

They can be washed and re-used too!


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on 05 June 2020 organic muslin cloths
soft, efficient and easily washable

To get maximum benefit from Angela's super-luscious balm these muslin cloths are the finishing 'sweep'. They are incredibly soft and efficient while at the same being robust and substantial enough to withstand thorough washing. (I boil mine frequently in a small pan on my hob with about a teaspoon full of Ecover sensitive liquid).



on 14 May 2020 organic muslin cloths

Beautifully soft. A real treat and it came free with the cleanser. Thank you so much.



on 29 March 2018 organic muslin cloths
super face cloths

I love using these with my Sweet Cheeks face wash as they exfoliate as well as clean my skin and I have machine-washed them several times.



on 16 Nov. 2016 organic muslin cloths
So lovely to use

I was lucky enough to receive a cloth from Angela to try and it is so lovely to use. It gently exfoliates your face whilst at the same time gets rid of all the grime! Ive washed it as well and re-used it many times, lovely!

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Apply your favourite natural cleansing balm (such as clean sweep) and massage in to your face.

Soak your muslin face cloth in warm water (not too hot) and use to polish off your natural cleansing balm using gentle circular strokes.

Once you have finished cleaning your face, rinse out the cloth with increasingly colder water until all traces of cleansing balm has been removed and leave to dry.

My organic muslin face cloths can be machine washed.

Made from 100% organic cotton!