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Actinidia chinensis
Kiwi seed is great for treating a variety of skin issues: it helps treat skin infections like acne and eczema; it repairs damaged skin – whether it’s sun damage, varicose veins or scars. It is a great oil for helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is gentle enough to be used around the eyes. 

It is a very dry, thin oil that is absorbed by the skin very quickly – which makes it great for including in face oils. Due to the high levels of omega 3, it also is a great oil for helping to balance oily & combination skins and helps reduce the size of pores.  It also helps to keep moisture in the skin so it’s also good for dry, dehydrated and damaged skins - you can find it in Angela's face oil, repair & renew.

Great For…
All Skin types and conditions. Because it’s a smooth and soft oil it’s also very good for sensitive skins.

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