Many brands will wax lyrical about what their logo means, how it expresses their values, their beliefs and how they like to live.

Angela Langford Skincare

But as an honest and upfront brand, we have to come clean - it came from a birthday card Angela received from her Mum many years ago! She loved it and, when creating the original branding for her company, she wanted to incorporate it in some way.

the original birthday card that inspired the Angela Langford brand
Since then however, our own customers have told us what the dandelion means to them.

Some have said that the clocks of the dandelion represent the passing of time and how our natural skincare can help.

Some have said that the clocks represented as kisses represent how we want to look after our customers by giving them the best customer service possible.

Some have just said how beautiful it is!

So if we were to describe what the new look dandelion means to us, it would be that it represents the beauty in all of us, how time may pass but we embrace the here and now. The kisses may be floating away, but we want to help you feel good about yourself and your skin, right now.

Ultimately, we want our dandelion to represent quality, honesty and great service - the three things we think make up your recipe for great skin.