the best way to reboot your skincare routine

Published : 23/01/2020 - Categories : Angelas skincare advice

the best way to reboot your skincare routine

One of the most asked questions from my lovely customers, is what can I do to restart my skincare routine. Whether you need natural skincare for combination skin, or something to help with mature skin, the answer obviously depends on your particular skin type, any skin conditions - even your current state of fitness or age.

But regardless of what skin type you have, there is always the same answer right at the beginning of my advice - cleansing is key.

It’s the foundation for great skincare - no doubt about it - but often it is the one area people scrimp on or worse still, skip altogether. If you want to invest in great skin, cleansing is key. 

But where to start? There are so many different kind of natural cleansers and it can be tricky to know where to start.

Hopefully these tips will point you in the right direction.

Look for the cleanser that suits your skin and always, always, always use a product that you wash off with water and avoid cleansing wipes. 

If you have oily or congested skin, a light non-foaming face wash is best. Try something that will gently cleanse your skin rather than a harsh cleanser that strips your skin of its oil. Ingredients to look out for include jojoba, castor, thistle, cypress, rose petals and palmarosa to name but a few. Sweet Cheeks is my non-foaming natural face wash that combines ingredients to gently cleanse your skin and help to clear breakouts, blocked pores and impurities – but all without drying out your skin.

If your skin is dry, damaged or dull, a cleansing balm can work wonders to soften, smooth and brighten your complexion. Cleansing balms are thicker and you only need a small amount. Spend a few minutes massaging your cleansing balm into your skin and rinse off with plenty of warm water and a cleansing cloth or flannel made from muslin, bamboo or cotton. My award winning cleanser, Clean Sweep is a lovely nourishing and softening cleansing balm. 

Some people, myself included like to use Sweet Cheeks in the morning in the shower and then spend a little longer cleansing with Clean Sweep at night. 

If you prefer something in between the two, look for a cleansing oil that contains jojoba and castor – these both attract dirt and grime and help to clear pores. Again, massage into your skin and make sure to use a cloth and plenty of warm water to remove all traces of the cleanser. I Can See Clearly Now will work well for you, if this is you preferred choice of cleanser – plus it can also be used to remove eye make-up, including stubborn waterproof mascara.

A good cleansing routine really does make all the difference to great looking skin plus it helps any serums, oils or creams work more effectively. Rather than sitting on dirty skin, they will be better absorbed.

Don’t forget I send out free skincare samples with all full sized orders so if you would like to try one of my cleansers, please make a note when you next order and I’ll select the cleanser I think will be best for you and your skin x

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