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natural eye oil angel eyes from Angela Langford Skincare

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angel eyes

nourishing eye oil
cucumber, rosehip & argan

Angela says... "Suitable for all but the most sensitive of skins, this is your recipe to treat the delicate skin around your beautiful eyes."

Cooling cucumber is carefully blended with argan & rosehip to create a specialist eyecare oil that repairs & smooths the delicate skin around your eyes.

£ 19.50

Gently massage the roller ball around your eye area once or twice to dispense the right amount of oil.

You can use this in the morning & again at night.

Do not use this product if you feel you may be allergic to any of the ingredients. Store this oil out of direct light & in a cool place to prolong its shelf life.

For external use only.

Vegetarian & vegan friendly.


Angel eyes for sure ... amazing

The dry, sensitive, often itchy skin around my eyes is singing the praises of this amazing treatment. Angel Eyes is such an appropriate name for this. The fine dry lines have all but gone, the skin is definitely tighter and firmer and the dark circles have been erased!! All I can say is. THANKYOI. I have tried so many products over the years, none of which have delivered great results, just left me out of pocket!! But Angel Eyes has delivered everything and it will be my forever friend for sure.



    What can I say.........Fantastic. A must have product.


      Wonderful eye oil

      This is a beautiful product. I wasn’t sure about putting an oil around my eyes as they are super sensitive but this has been perfect for me. Does not irritate at all. I have really noticed an improvement in the firmness of the skin. Lasts for months. If you are going to put makeup on afterwards it’s a good idea to leave 10-15 minutes for it to fully absorb after application.


        Angel Eyes

        Really love this products and the rollerball makes application so much gentler to the skin around the eyes.


          Angel Eyes

          Great rollerball, skin feels lovely after use. Will definitely be buying more products soon, love all the samples I have received.



            I used to suffer with very sore dry skin at the sides of my eyes but this has cleared up since I started using angel eyes and I've noticed a definite improvement in my crows feet, they're less defined and smoother in appearance. I've tried more eye creams than I can count but this is the best eye product I've found, it's lovely.


              Angel Eyes

              Lovely to use the roller ball saves any waste. Skin feels hydrated after use.



                I love all the products I have received from Angela, she really makes you feel like everything she sends has been made just for you. This has made a big difference to the lines around my eyes and my crepey eyelids, and I have only been using it for 1 week! Keep up all your good work.



                  Thanks to my young children, I don’t get a lot of sleep. My eyes are tired and the skin around them sore and itchy. In just a week, this oil has helped amazingly. It’s so soothing, my eyes no longer feel itchy and the dry, flaky patches have gone. And I can’t not mention the fantastic customer service - I was sent a sample pot along with my full-size order and advised to try this first and reminded of the returns policy if it didn’t suit. Just brilliant. Thank you!


                    Lovely, gentle and effective

                    Most eye products react with my delicate eye area but not this - I find it hydrating and soothing and feel it really feeds my skin with all the goodies it needs after a night of sleep deprivation due to my 3yr old daughter’s wakefulness!



                      Received this as a sample with my purchase.. absolutely love it reduced my wrinkles and smells beautiful.. roll on payday I will certainly be buying the full size x



                        This eye oil is absolutely amazing, I have spent hundreds of pounds on different eye creams over the years but this deserves 5stars , extremely effective on my horrendous dark circles. Just give it a try and you won't be disappointed


                          Loving it

                          Like others, I received a sample to try. It was so, so nourishing, I bought a full size bottle which has a really useful rollerball.



                            Received this as a sample but will certainly be ordering some more. Amazing product which leaves my eyes which are prone to bags looking amazing!


                              Amazing for dryness under eyes.

                              This is one of the best products I have ever used. I have very dry skin around my eyes . I have dark circles and need concealer. so I always end up with creases under my eyes when applying make up. but this has really helped to stay fresh looking and moisturised. I would highly recommend anyone with same problem to try it.


                                A delicate and effective treatment.

                                This oil feels light and gentle, and keeps the skin around my eyes feeling moisturised and comfortable all day long.


                                  This works!

                                  Several days after a car accident and little sleep I was quite shocked when I looked in the mirror, grey tired eyes stared back at me! I dug out the angel eyes and used it before I went to bed. Woke up to a total eye transformation, gone were the grey bags, replaced by bright, cheery eyes! Totally recommend this product!



                                    After having a sample of this product thought I would use it But am thinking I must be using too much as it gives a very generous amount from the roller So due to a recent small op on eyelid and stopping using it I will try again but with much reduced coverage


                                      Heavenly Nourishing Eye Oil

                                      Believe me when I say, with the amount of eye creams I have, I could open a shop!
                                      None seemed to make much difference so I thought I'd try an oil for a change. I'm so glad I did- Angelas Angel Eyes is a delight to use.
                                      The aroma is wonderful and it simply glides over the delicate eye area.
                                      My skin feels hydrated and the tone of the under eye area has really improved, even in the short time that I've been using it.
                                      Another winner from this fantastic range!


                                        Fantastic Product

                                        I tried this as a sample size & have now gone on to order the full size. Its the best thing I have ever tried for my eyes. I can almost feel my skin drinking it in



                                          This really works, the puffiness and wrinkles have almost gone, I love this, it feels gorgeous.


                                            A little goes a long way

                                            I got this in my sample pack and loved it so ordered more and I'm so glad I did. I love it. You only need a tiny bit so it will last ages as the sample bottle lasted 2 weeks!!! I put more on at night just before bed as I love the smell and it takes a while to sink in. Highly recommend


                                              Eyes feel pampered

                                              Only need the smallest amount of this, dotted around the eyes to hydrate and soothe. I think my eye area will thank me for this product


                                                Feels like you have had a full nights sleep!!!

                                                I first tried this a couple of weeks after I had my second baby. The first time I used it it made me feel like I had actually had a full nights sleep - it was amazing!! It feels so cool and refreshing. I love it!


                                                  Love them

                                                  I just finished the samples and quickly I've purchased the big sizes. My favourite one is Angel eyes❤️I've tried so many products and finally I've found you!! No more dark circles!!


                                                    It works

                                                    I am 38 and just starting to notice fine lines under my eyes. I have tried a few products and this is the best I've found at moisturising around my eyes. I find it a bit too oily to use in the morning, my eye make up doesn't stay on, so I use it in the evening. I received a sample but will be purchasing the full size product.


                                                      Simply beautiful

                                                      I received this oul as part of a sample kit and I just love it, I ordered myself a full size one. The texture is so soft and kind to the area around the eyes and the smell is divine. Loved applying it in the evening and feeling the nice scent just before going to sleep. It leaves the skin so nice and hydrated. Also, the sample size lasted for two weeks applied twice a day! Totally recommended


                                                        A definite favourite!

                                                        I absolutely love this oil. Feels great, smells great, and my husband commented how good my skin looked after I used it. I have just bought the full size


                                                          Love it

                                                          Incredible product leaving the delicate skin under my eyes hydrated. Best used at night as it takes a while to soak in. The smallest amount goes a very long way and it smells fab. Would recommend to anyone



                                                            I have an extra one in my handbag - wonderful boost for tired eyes, but also such a lovely smell that I sometimes dab it on my wrist (or childrens'). A must have.


                                                              Does what it says

                                                              Having reached mid life age of 50, I started to see crepey undereye skin and this has transformed my eyes! not heavy or clogging and a small amount is needed to make a huge difference


                                                                The best eye treatment ever!

                                                                I'd neglected my skin for a few months before I received my sample pack. After using the Angel Eyes sample I can say my eye area firmed up so fast and I can't see crows feet any more. I immediately ordered the full size! The product really lasts and keeps the eye area perfectly hydrated. Love it!


                                                                  Bright eyes

                                                                  Since using this product my eyes have lost thei r dark circles and puffiness and now look fresh and youthful.


                                                                    Really works

                                                                    People have noticed the puffiness has gone down since using the sample for two weeks. Have bought more.


                                                                      Love it!

                                                                      Love this product, it smells good and helps my laughter lines look good ! I've used natural skin care products for a lot of years but I have just found my favourites


                                                                        Miracle in a bottle!

                                                                        I'm a 'lady of a certain age' and have been struggling with puffy bags under my eyes and puffy lids when I wake up. I've noticed a big difference just from using my sample for 2 weeks, puffiness has improved and cross feet appear smoother. My favourite product, can't wait to continue using my full size bottle.


                                                                          Another winner from Angela!

                                                                          I have very sensitive skin around my eyes, particularly underneath, which has a tendency to be a little dry and can be quite puffy. Since putting on angel eyes every night the dryness has disappeared and the skin around my eyes looks so much better. Every time I put it on I feel as if I'm giving the skin around my eyes a gentle hydrating treat. Love it!



                                                                            I have just received a sample of this with my order and I'm already in love. I've struggled to find products for my eyes which are natural and effective, will definitely be purchasing soon.



                                                                              I have tested quite a few eye products, but this one really impresses me!
                                                                              It is silky smooth, very moisturising and absorbs beautifully even though it is an oil.
                                                                              I think my eyes appears less puffy even though I have only used it few days


                                                                                This oil has made such a difference to my eyes

                                                                                This beautifully crafted oil has done wonders for my precious eye area. I have been a committed user of Angel Eyes for 3 months and the area under and around my eyes is so much smoother and my crows feet are much less noticeable. The oil itself has a mild, relaxing scent and is absorbed quickly, it causes no irritation to my normally sensative skin. I use a minimal amount in the morning and a generous slather at night - the roller ball applicator allows you to easily choose how much you would like to use. I think this oil has made such a difference to my eyes I am tempted to use it on my whole face!

                                                                                  Write your review!

                                                                                  Write a review

                                                                                  angel eyes

                                                                                  angel eyes

                                                                                  nourishing eye oil
                                                                                  cucumber, rosehip & argan

                                                                                  Angela says... "Suitable for all but the most sensitive of skins, this is your recipe to treat the delicate skin around your beautiful eyes."

                                                                                  Cooling cucumber is carefully blended with argan & rosehip to create a specialist eyecare oil that repairs & smooths the delicate skin around your eyes.

                                                                                  Cucumber is rich in omega 6 essential fatty acids (linoleum acid), oleic acid, palmitic acid, minerals (including potassium & silica), tocopherols & phytosterols. It can help stimulate cell regeneration & retains moisture in the skin. It is also a well-known remedy to help reduce dark under eye circles & skin pigmentations - it softens & hydrates the skin & is ideal for dry, sensitive & mature skin types.

                                                                                  Argan is nourishing & can help strengthen skin’s elasticity. Rosehip is an amazingly versatile oil – healing, calming, skin strengthening & mild & gentle. Safflower (also known as thistle) contains really high levels of skin loving omega 6 & it is very nourishing & quickly & easily absorbed into the skin.

                                                                                  Ingredients in plain and simple English as well as the legal Latin

                                                                                  cucumis sativus oil (cucumber oil), argania spinosa kernel oil* (argan oil), rosa rubginosa seed oil* (rosehip oil), carthamus tinctorius seed oil* (safflower oil, also known as thistle), tocopherol (natural vitamin e), citrus limon peel oil* (lemon essential oil), pelargonium graveolens leaf oil* (rose geranium essential oil), cymbopogon martinii oil* (palmarosa essential oil).

                                                                                  From essential oils: d-limonene, linalol, citronellol, geraniol, citral, farnesol.

                                                                                  *These ingredients are organic at source.

                                                                                  Contains 100% natural ingredients, 56% of which are organic at source.

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