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Published : 10/08/2018 - Categories : Angelas skincare advice

Shelly loves Angela Langford Skincare face mask

I feel very fortunate every day that I can do something I truly love for my job - it doesn't really feel like a job at all, more a vocation that I can make skincare recipes that help women (and a few men!) feel confident about their skin and, in turn themselves.

The feedback I receive makes all the hard 'work' so rewarding and it was this post on Instagram, from Shelly in Inverness, that made me think I should write a little post on my blog about one aspect of my job that is ever evolving and ever changing - creating and testing new skincare recipes.

My mind is constantly full of new skincare recipe ideas that I could try to make and in this instance, a new natural face mask has been front of mind for quite a while now, not least as it is probably the most requested product from my lovely customers.

So what I wanted to do was come up with a new natural face mask that was not only foodie related as all my products are, but one that you could mix yourself and, more importantly, one that worked.

So I set off to my little lab to start playing with ingredients I thought might be appropriate - they had to be packed full of goodness to actually help our skin, but be gentle enough so that even the most sensitive of souls could use it.

Creating a new skincare recipe is a bit like a scene from Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine - you add in what you think might work, in a bit of a whirl until you come up with what you think might be the right mix - only to then have to remember what you put in it!

Once you have decided on the right mix, it is then time for the testing to begin and of course, as you will rightly know by now, I test all of my products on my friends, my family and myself - never, ever on animals... as you can see below (poor Lee!).

face mask recipe testing by Lee at Angela Langford Skincare

As well as Lee and I, I will select a few close friends to try out the product too - and if we get a thumbs up from all of them, it is then time to ask a few of my loyal customers to try it out too! Shelly was one of these customers, having used my products for herself and for her customers up in Inverness for many years. So to have such glowing feedback is amazing...

"I had to show you how glowing my skin is after using the @angelalangfordskincare Face Mask. My skin has never felt so soft, even Kenny agrees! (he's wanting one now)

Angela you are the Skincare Queen!"

Before pressing go on production, I then like to have one final test among more of my lovely customers - so this is where you could come in and help!

I have 20 face mask samples ready to ship to the first twenty customers this weekend (Sat 11th and Sun 12th August)...

try our new face mask - apply code FACEMASK at the checkout x

Simply add your favourite products to your bag and apply the code FACEMASK at the checkout - I will then add a Face Mask sample for you to try! I only have 20 available, so this is a strictly first come, first serve offer!

I am also after a name for it - it is packed with pineapple, papaya and lots of vitamin c and will help with brightening your skin - what should I call it? If you have some ideas, let me know on my Instagram account by clicking here!

Thank you all for your continued loyal support and encouragement - I really do appreciate it. As ever, if you have any particular skincare concerns, or would like more info about some of my skincare recipes, then please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email ( or by phone on 01460 929596.

Angela x

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