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Patricia from Chshire's Skincare Story

Beautiful Patricia was one of my very first customers and I am delighted she loves the products as much today as she did 15 years ago, when she first starting using my range… 

“Until I found Angela’s facial oils, I despaired of ever getting back that natural glow of youthful skin…”

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Patsy; I am ever so grateful.

How long have you been using my products for and how did you come across them

I’m sure I was one of your first customers, around fifteen years ago. I’d been researching natural and cruelty-free skincare online, and couldn’t quite believe that I was able to talk to you in person, on the telephone, about my dry mature skin. That was then; now I can honestly say it’s well hydrated and normal. The advantage of having an expert accessible by phone or email to talk through changes in skin and how best to deal with them cannot be emphasised enough.

Did you have any particular skin conditions or concerns at the time?

My concern was finding a natural brand that would measure up to the premium brands I’d used (Orlane, Shiseido) in terms of performance and the pleasure of an integrated daily routine. I firmly believe that the greatest benefits and best results come from using products designed to work in synergy with each other, from the same range. In the long run, it’s more economical too.

Have any of my products helped improve things? If they have, please can you explain how.

Until I found Angela’s facial oils, I despaired of ever getting back that natural glow of youthful skin. Highlighters, shimmers and so on looked false and obvious. I didn’t want a cosmetic, I wanted a glow that came from the skin itself. Angela’s oils massage in so easily without oily residue, and they impart a ‘lift’ and sheen not only to my skin but to make-up when I use it.

What products do you use and how do you use them – if you have a routine I’d love to hear about it.

As soon as I get out of bed, I wake my face up with Sweet Cheeks. It’s my beauty flash balm. By the time I’ve done my stretches and had breakfast, it’s done its job and ready to be washed off.

Freshen Up next, and then, around eyes and also around my mouth, Angel Eyes. This comes in a glass wand with a roller dispenser at the tip which always feels cool (in fact in summer I keep it in the fridge). I tap it in with my fingers to help de-puff bags and smooth lines.

Then A Little Lift. As with all Angela’s products, a little goes a long way and your skin will appreciate them more. Occasionally I’ll add two drops of Bloom and Glow and take a deep inhale of its uplifting fragrance before applying to face and neck. Some days, that will be all. Other days – especially if I’m wearing make-up – I’ll add one pump of Thirsty Work.

Once or twice a week I use Scrub Up. It’s the gentlest brightening exfoliator.

No eye make-up remover has ever worked as well for me as I Can See Clearly Now. I add a couple of drops to a damp cotton wool pad and use one side of the pad for one eye, the other side for the other eye. Eye shadow and mascara gets sucked up so easily and the oil never irritates.

Clean Sweep does the same for make-up, and the smell is so calming, I breathe it in and extend the massage to my neck and shoulders. Hot water is on standby for the muslin cloth and this final part of the process – which I never like to hurry - completes the luxurious deep clean.

Then Freshen Up, followed by one of the serums, Perfect Pores or Little Lift, always with a drop or two of Repair and Renew.

When I’m in bed, I massage in Rest and Regenerate, to send me off to sleep.

What is your favourite product and why?

I don’t regard these preparations as ‘products’, they are recipes created to give my skin the daily nutrition and emollients it needs with the added benefit of smelling delicious. I couldn’t do without any of them.

Do you have any skincare tips you would like to share?

My tip would be try samples of products you might think aren’t for you. I hadn’t thought of Perfect Pores or Bloom and Glow, yet now I alternate them with Little Lift and Repair and Renew. They keep my routine fresh and the different ingredients give my skin a toning work-out it wasn’t expecting.

Similarly with the clay powder mix (Look On the Bright Side) - I add a little Freshen Up and a drop of oil to make a facial.

Is there anything you would like me to change or anything I can do to improve things?

Over the years, with Angela’s help and guidance, I’ve experimented with her products and adapted and updated skincare routines that keep on delivering great results and benefits. I am 100% satisfied with every item I use.

Is there a product that you think is missing from my range?

The only thing I’d say is missing is a milk or cream cleanser that you can pump out and quickly use to remove light make-up.  Quicker probably to clean off, too, when you’re in a hurry. And hand cream – the original!

Why do you love Angela Langford skincare?

If you had asked me fifteen years ago whether I would still be using these products in 2023 I’d have said ‘unlikely.’ That would have been because my past experience clearly indicated a pattern of change, not necessarily frequent change, but regular.

With brands that use non-natural ingredients, skin gets to the point where it’s had enough and needs a break in order to breathe again. Whereas your range positively encourages skin to breathe and be its best.


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