clean sweep cleanser approved by Good Housekeeping Institute

Published : 21/10/2018

Good Housekeeping Institute officially approves natural cleanser Clean Sweep by Angela Langford Skincare

our softening and smoothing cleanser, clean sweep

We are extremely proud to announce that our softening and smoothing natural cleanser, Clean Sweep, has been officially approved and recognised by the Good Housekeeping Institute as one of their best natural cleansers for 2018!

We are absolutely delighted as it has been a long road with Clean Sweep. As one of the very first natural skincare recipes Angela devised back in the day after she could no longer get the brand that she had always enjoyed, Clean Sweep has been a firm favourite with our customers ever since.

But we were never 100% happy with it due to one tiny, little thing... the packaging.

As a loyal customer you will know that the one thing we always are looking to do, is improve not only the customer service we give to you, but also the products themselves - and packaging is a massive part of that.

The feedback we always got from our customers (and indeed the Good Housekeeping Institute too) was that the product itself was fantastic - but the packaging always let it down, for a number of reasons.

So hands up anyone who received Clean Sweep, but couldn't get it out of the white plastic tube as the consistency is lovely and thick?

Hands up anyone who when using it towards the end of the bottle, found they couldn't get the last third out?

Hands up those of you who ended up cutting open the bottle to get the last bit of balm out?

Hands up anyone who proudly had their Clean Sweep standing on the bathroom shelf, or in the shower, only for it to fall over at the slightest breath, for the lid to then break and for the bottle to no longer stand up by itself?

Hands up who had all of the above!?

So we knew that we had a wonderful product, but the bottle let us down so much - as it did when the Good Housekeeping Institute rated our natural cleanser back in late 2017 as being 78/100.

As our first product rated by the GHI, we felt mixed emotions by the score - on the one hand, we had made it into the Good Housekeeping's top natural cleansers! Among some humungous brands! With eye watering prices! - so we were so very proud.

On the other hand, a score of 78% was really good - but it could be so much better - and as we are particularly proud of Clean Sweep, we felt we had let down not only our customers a bit, but the product itself.

Add to that when a second skincare recipe of ours, Bloom & Glow not only received a massive 91% rating and was named their best facial oil for 2018 - and then was later named in the Good Housekeeping's Beauty Hall of Fame - we knew we had to improve Clean Sweep.

What we did realise after the initial disappointment, was that if it was 78/100 then, who knows what it could be if the packaging was better - so a change had to come and, thanks to you our loyal guinea pigs, one year after the initial review, we managed to find a jar for Clean Sweep that meant no more cutting of bottles; no more falling off shelves; no more wasted product.

The feedback so far from loyal Clean Sweep customers has been fantastic - and on top of that, we can now proudly show off the Good Housekeeping logo...

Clean Sweep cleanser approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute

We hope you love the new Clean Sweep packaging too.

Lee & Angela x

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