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Enjoy The Things You Love That Little Bit More in 2017

Published : 06/01/2017 11:22:31
Categories : you and your skin

Enjoy The Things You Love That Little Bit More in 2017 | Angela Langford Skincare

The New Year is here and traditionally it is a time for making a new start in your life - resolutions and promises to do more. But honestly, I’m personally not a fan of making resolutions that are unrealistic or difficult to stick to – after all, January can be a bit of a downer of a month! Why cut out all the things you enjoy?

Surely a New Year should be all about celebrating all that is good. Yes, you might have over indulged over the festive period, but totally cutting out all the things you love, enjoy and make you happy can just make for a month of misery. Everything in moderation is my ethos – so yes, I love cheese (more than chocolate) and whilst I may not eat it every day, a little every now and again does wonders for my mood - the same goes for a glass of red!

One thing though that I do try and change in the New Year is adding more of the things that I love doing into my life. For me this means more time spent outdoors walking my four dogs; it means driving to the coast more often to enjoy the beach and listen to the sea: reading more books; spending more time with those I love - and of course indulging in a regular pampering session at home.

Once a week I try and set aside an evening of totally relaxation. For me this means running a bath, in which I pour in a capful of my natural body wash, Dream A Little Dream. Fragranced with lavender, chamomile and neroli, this is deeply relaxing and perfect for these wintery nights.

I light a few candles and spend a good hour giving myself a DIY facial, starting with a double cleanse. I use my natural facial cleanser, Clean Sweep which I spend a few minutes massaging in to my skin, then removing it with a muslin face cloth. Next, it's time for some Sweet Cheeks, to clear my pores.

I can let you in on a little secret, which is that I have been working on a new natural face mask which I’m very excited to say will be on sale sometime in February. During the process of developing my face mask recipe, I have to test, test, test! So my relaxing pamper session now also includes my new natural face mask - I mix a little of the dry powder with my natural serum, A Little Lift and apply to my face. The warm bath water means the mask doesn’t dry out and then I lie back and relax, inhaling in the essential oils from the bath. After about 10 – 15 minutes I remove the mask with warm water and then I spend 5 minutes massaging in either my night balm, Rest & Regenerate (if my skin needs an extra little nourishment) or my natural facial oil, Bloom & Glow.

When I finally get out of the bath, I make sure to slather on a body butter cream (my favourite is my lavender laden Dream A Little Dream body cream) all over my body, then drink a long glass of water and spend a few minutes quietly relaxing and enjoying the moment.

For me, promising to do more of the things I love is the best resolution to the New Year and pampering is just one of the promises I make to myself. Look after yourself this year! 

Angela x

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