skincare starts with a spring clean

Published : 19/04/2018 - Categories : Angelas skincare advice

Skincare starts with a Clean Sweep

One thing that customers often tell me is that they would rather put their money into creams, serums and face oils and skimp on natural cleansers – but for me, cleansing is the key and the starting point to great looking skin.

To illustrate this, I’m going to use two analogies both of which are close to my heart! Imagine you were going to redecorate your bedroom. You have chosen the paint and maybe the wallpaper; picked up an old battered dressing table that needs a new lease of life and even chosen some new curtains. If you were just to paint over the existing walls that are looking a bit grubby without prepping the surface, you wouldn’t get that same smooth and beautiful finish if you had spent a little time and effort ensuring the walls were ready for their lovely new fresh paint. Not only that, but you would find that the new paint wouldn’t look new for that long. Flaking and bubbling would appear before too long and, whilst it saved you time initially, in the long run, you would need to redecorate before too long.

Another example is in the kitchen. You’re cooking a lovely dinner for friends and family – you want it to be special and taste amazing but you’re a little short on time and cooking to a budget. There are plenty of shortcuts we can take in the kitchen that won’t spoil the dish, but getting the basics right can be the difference between an average dish and a great one! Making lovely rich sauces for instance… yes you need a decent red wine, but not one that will break the bank. But what you really need to make it special is a good stock to add depth of flavor and a taste that is oh so delicious.

So cleansing is like the prep for your walls or the basis for your sauce… if you skimp on it, the results will be okay but they won’t be memorable and the results won’t last.

It’s all very well spending money on face oils, serums and creams but if you haven’t prepped your skin in the first place, these expensive products won’t be properly absorbed into your skin and it’s all a false economy!

You don't need to spend a fortune, but invest in a cleanser that works to remove daily dirt and grime; exfoliate once or twice a week to remove dead, dull skin cells and you’ll find that those expensive creams are more efficient and you won’t need to use much either! Oh yes, and always buy a cleanser to suit your skin type.

Richer cleansing balms last ages and they are great for dry, dehydrated and damaged skins. They can boost radiance and leave leave your skin feeling softer and smoother. Face washes are great to use if your skin is oily and prone to breakouts. Just be sure to avoid face washes that use harsh ingredients that will strip your skin of its natural oils. Look for mild and gentle face washes with natural fruit extracts without alcohol.

Once or twice a week use an exfoliator to remove dead, dull skin cells, improve radiance and  keep your pores clear. 

With all good, quality products, you’ll find a little goes a long way and like I say, all the gorgeous face oils, serums and anti-ageing, radiance restoring creams will all be far more efficient.

So for me, cleansing is the key to great looking skin and Spring is the ideal time to start your new cleansing regime!

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