storm proof your skin this spring

Published : 21/02/2020 - Categories : Angelas skincare advice

storm proof your skin this spring

When the cold, wet and windy weather hits the UK, we all turn up the heating or light the fire to keep our homes warm - but we all need to venture outside and the change in temperature can have a negative impact on our skin.

Even calm, clear, radiant complexions can become dryer, a little flaky, sore and sensitive. So these are my top tips to save your skin from storm damage.

Keep hydrated...

Drink plenty of water, coconut water and herbal teas. I know many people struggle to drink enough water – so add a little flavour to keep things interesting – a squeeze of lemon or lime, few slices of ginger or cucumber and even a stick of lemongrass – bashed with a rolling pin to release the flavour – are all lovely additions to make water a little more interesting.

A spritz of a hydrating skin tonic can also help to refresh and hydrate your skin – used during the day it can help to refresh your skin. I recommend Freshen Up from my natural skincare range as it contains organic rose, rose geranium and orange blossom (neroli) waters together with aloe vera which are all super hydrating.

Touch the rainbow, taste the rainbow…

If you were one of the people who took part in Veganuary – make sure you continue to make fresh fruit and vegetables a key part of your daily diet – and eat a rainbow of colours (for the benefit of your general health not just your skin). At this time of year I love tropical fruits including pineapple, papaya and mango and I like to use them in both sweet and savoury dishes. My pineapple and mussel curry is light, bright and full of flavour. I mix papaya or mango with shredded carrots and serve with a dressing made from garlic, fish sauce, maple syrup, lime and chilli and sprinkle over toasted rice grains. Roasting wedges of savoy cabbage brings out its natural sweetness and is delicious with a parsley, caper and raisin dressing.  

Go nuts...

Almonds, walnuts, macadamia and hazelnuts are my current favourites to snack on together with pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds. Packed with essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins your skin will thank you and they’re damn tasty too.  See the recipe section of my website for more inspiration.

Go balmy...

Meanwhile balms are a skin saviour at this time of year, especially for if you are looking for natural skincare products for dry skin. Nourishing and rich, they can turn the driest and dullest skin into smooth, soft, radiant and glowing skin.

A natural night balm feeds your skin whilst you're resting. Look for balms that contain lots of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – ingredients like rosehip, evening primrose, pumpkin, macadamia, avocado and argan.

In my natural night balm recipe, Rest & Regenerate I combine these with a powerful blend of antioxidants including rosemary and Co Q10; vitamins A & E and electric daisies (this has been named the plant equivalent of botox). Regular night time use will see you saying goodnight to dull, dry and dreary skin and good morning to gorgeous, glowing and radiant skin.

Your skin will look bright and calm – even if the weather forecast stays stormy.

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