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three treats for my gorgeous mum...

Published : 25/03/2014 18:17:31
Categories : you and your skin

So this Sunday will be a hard one for me. It’s the first Mother’s Day since I lost my very beautiful and gorgeous Mum. But I will remember her on this special day and remember the amazing times we had together. Make sure you spoil your Mum this year. She’s ever so special and it’s lovely to show her just how much you love her with these three simple, but oh so special, treats.

Make Time for Tea…
Whether you live with your Mum or are faraway, you can still make time for tea. It’s the nation’s favourite drink and for good reason. It also shares some of the same benefits you can get from certain natural skincare ingredients – antioxidants! Tea, (like ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, E & Q10 found in natural and organic skincare products) is high in protective antioxidants that fight damaging free radicals.  Free radicals cause damage that can lead to our bodies and skin to age prematurely and also weaken our immune system.

Green and White Tea are thought to contain particularly high levels of antioxidants, especially the young leaves.  Look for quality leaf tea for the best benefits (and in my opinion, the best taste too).  I buy my tea online from Leaf.  It seems a bit expensive, much more so than supermarket tea bags, but actually you only need to use a small amount for great taste, so it lasts ages and a little goes a long way – another similarity with high quality natural & organic skincare ranges!

Chocolate treats…
Much like tea and skincare, chocolate comes in all shapes and forms and most of us have a favourite.  If you’re looking for a tasty special gift with health and skincare benefits then dark chocolate is the answer. Like tea and Q10, Dark chocolate is also high in antioxidants.  There are two particular groups of antioxidants – polyphenols and flavonols, which are found in certain fruits, seeds, teas and oils, are popular due to their health benefits.

Most Mum’s love a chocolate treat, like me, my Mum’s favourite was Rococo’s Dark Chocolate and Cardamom. Isn’t it lovely to know that you can give your gorgeous Mum a chocolate treat, knowing that it’s doing her heart and her health the world of good too! Again, a little goes a long way with quality chocolate so will last her ages too!


A Gorgeous Glow…
Everyone loves skin that is healthy and radiant. A gorgeous glow is something that can be a little elusive if we have been working too hard, are stressed, lacking sleep or a combination of all these things. One of the most wonderful things to give your Mum is the gift of healthy radiant skin. Why not buy her a little bottle of face oil to give her skin a gorgeous boost.

For skin that is dull, lacklustre, damaged or simply out of kilter, a bottle of face oil containing high levels of organic skin loving omega 3 & 6, vitamins and antioxidants makes a gorgeous gift and perfect pampering treat. My Bloom & Glow face oil restores radiance and gives dull and lack-lustre skin a wonderful healthy and gorgeous glow.

You can buy it for your Mum from for £22.55 and delivery is free on orders placed before 30th March 2014.

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