we just wanted to say, thank you x

Published : 09/10/2020 - Categories : Angelas skincare advice

we just wanted to say, thank you x

It's been a tricky time for everyone, one way or another. In times of crisis, our normal behaviour is to gather together as families, as friends, as colleagues and as communities. Covid has made us all have to change this coping mechanism and I'm so aware that this has proved so tricky for so many of us. 

Whatever your circumstances, whatever your job or business, whatever your state of health; the pandemic has affected us all in so many different ways - and most of them pretty badly.

Six months on from the initial lockdown period and it seems to be no let up in the fight again this awful virus. Hopefully this won't be the new normal - at least not forever. 

Lee and I feel very lucky in many ways.  We have had each other to keep each other company (and to drive each other mad). Having our business gave us something positive to focus on and to keep us occupied. 

We have worked from our home and for ourselves for many years, so the initial lockdown and self isolation wasn't really that different from our normal life - we just had a name for it now!

But as with most people who have their own small business, it wasn't very long before things started to get very scary indeed.

At the time, we just didn't know what to do or what to expect next - but with time now allowing us to reflect a little, it was clear that we were very lucky in that we did still have a business - not everyone has been that fortunate.

We've had our share of hurdles coming our way from all angles - from lack of ingredients (still a problem), to lack of bottles (also still a problem), to post going missing or taking a lot longer to reach people; and what turned out to be the biggest hurdle of them all was not having anywhere to  make our products.

But all we could do was to tackle each problem, one step at a time and hope for the best.

We have also been very, very lucky in that what should have been the biggest problem of all, actually didn't happen in the end - lack of custom.

You have all showed Lee and I so much support, so much love, so much understanding - it has allowed us to keep trading and to keep on helping you and your skin. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much for your support, loyalty and encouragement - it means so much. 

For us too, we have never ever felt closer to you, our customers. We have spoken to so many people about their skin; about their families; about their own situations and difficulties during the pandemic - whether that be on the phone, on messenger, via our live chat, via email - or sometimes in person (socially distanced of course)!

We have loved the fact that we have been able to help you, in our own little way.

So we wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to those of you who have purchased something from our website, or have contacted us needing some help, or have phoned us simply to have a chat.

We love our little business. Thank you for loving it too.

Angela x

PS: we are always here for you - if you need advice, or if you wanted to place an order; or if you simply wanted a chat - call us on 01348 811711 or email us at

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