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Published : 17/02/2022 - Categories : Your Skincare Stories

Q & A with Shelley, from Inverness

Shelley runs a beauty salon in Inverness, Scotland and has used my natural skincare range in her treatments for some time - but Shelley also uses the products on herself.

I caught up with Shelley to find out a bit more about how she uses the products herself.

How long have you been using my products for and how did you come across them?

I have been using the products since I opened my business back in 2015. Someone I am friends with on Facebook shared a picture of one of Angela's moisturisers. I clicked on the link, fell in love with Angela's brand and ethos - and the rest is history! 

Have any of my products helped improve your skin?

I have to say that Angela's natural eye oil, Angel Eyes has been life changer for me. I suffer a lot in the winter with dry skin, especially around my eyes and this product has really helped keep my skin hydrated.

I always used to use a cream previously, but an eye oil is definitely the best product to use around your eyes - I will never use a cream again!

Do you have a favourite product?

Can I choose two!? As I've mentioned previously, Angel Eyes is a life changer for me, but my other favourite is Angela's face mask, Look On The Bright Side - the mask leaves my skin incredibly soft and clears up any breakouts I might be having at the time.

Both have improved my skin so much, thank you so much Angela!

How often do you use these particular products.

For Angel Eyes, I use it every evening - a little swoosh under the eyes and I then gently tap my skin to help the oil absorb into my skin.

For Look On The Bright Side, I give myself and my skin a treat once a week

Do you have any top skincare tips you would like to share?

Yes, with regards to your face mask, Look On The Bright Side - Angela always advises to wear the mask for around 10 to 15 minutes - but I have started to wear my face mask overnight!

So my top tip is to apply some of Angela's face oil, Bloom & Glow, on your skin first, then apply the face mask. I then go to bed and in the morning, wash it all off with a natural cleanser. You and your skin will thank me for it! 

Is there anything you would like me to change or anything I can do to improve things?

I would like the both of Angela's natural cleansers to be the same price as they were previously. When Clean Sweep rose in price back in 2019, it sadly meant that this cleanser was no longer financially viable for my business, though I absolutely love it!

What do you love about my range?

I love that every product of yours is made with love. I also love that they are not tested on any animal but by Angela's friends and family.

I also love that Angela is from the my neck of the woods! It's like having a little bit of my home in my salon here in Inverness.


If you would love to take part in my Skincare Q & A series, please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will be in touch! x

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